My Crafts Essentials, Part 2 – Adhesives

I’ve shared my cutting tools essentials in part 1, and it’s time to talk about the adhesive. A glue is a glue, right? WRONG! There are types of glue for specific media. I am not an expert on this but if you need more information, Maria Nerius wrote an elaborate article about it on And Kate Pruitt from Design Sponge has made an easy to follow “Which Glue Should I Use” chart. Please refer to both articles for more information. A big THANK YOU goes to Maria and Kate!

As for me, the names I trust for my paper crafting projects are:

1. Aleene’s
Simply due to its versatility! It works so well on paper and it dries clear.

2. E6000
This is an industrial strength adhesive with multipurpose usage. A little of this goes a long way. The downside of this glue is the smell. You really need to open all windows when working with this one and remember to air your finished project for a couple of days before putting it in a cellophane plastic.

3. Double sided adhesive
I did a lot of research before deciding on ScorTape. In my opinion, this is the best double sided tape for the value and quality. The tape is incredibly sticky, heat resistant and acid free. Best of all is that you do not need any scissors to cut the tape with. The back of the tape is made of paper so you can easily tear it apart. It comes in different width sizes too. And because I have not been able to find it in any of the craft stores near me, I have been buying it online from here.

4. Scotch ATG or Advanced Tape Glider
This is a double sided adhesive, so easy to use and mess free. I am in love with this one!

5. Glue gun
I own a small one and use it when I make my own roses from ribbons. I have not use it for any other things but I believe I will as I learn.

6. 3D Pop-up adhesive dots
Very useful when you need to add dimensions to your card. The dots come in different sizes. Most of them come in a white foam form but there are also some clear ones on the market.

I’ll see you in part 3! 🙂

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