My Crafts Essentials, Part 1 – Cutting Tools

It is very easy to clutter my drawer with all the cool crafting tools that are available on the market. So I am writing a blog series about the things (or what I think are essentials) I cannot do without and why, starting with cutting tools. And here is the list:

1. Pairs of scissors
Yes, pairs! I like to use different scissors for the different materials I cut. I have one pair for ribbons,   one pair for paper and another pair for general purpose. The brands I trust are Fiskars and Tonic Studios’ Tim Holtz scissors. If you have two pairs of the same color, tie a ribbon at one of the scissors’ handles to differentiate the two. Or, get a different style or color. Tim Holtz scissors have a narrow point, making them perfect for those intricate cuts.
Tip: Clean your scissors after every use. And, if you often use your general purpose scissors to cut something sticky, don’t forget to clean them every so often with water and soap to clean off the glue excess. Here is some more information from Fiskars.

2. X-Acto knife and cutting mat
Some cuts are so meticulous. An X-Acto knife is perfect for those. To use the X-Acto knife you need a cutting mat underneath to protect your surface and your knife. The mat is self healing and it comes with a measuring grid for precise cutting.

3. Guillotine paper trimmer
I love this trimmer! It’s a paper crafter must have! This heavy duty trimmer cuts up to several pieces of papers at a time. The cut is always clean and being able to cut so many papers at one time saves a lot of time. It also comes with a measuring grid to help you get the perfect cut. What’s not to love?

4. Portable paper trimmer
Again, the brand I trust is Fiskars. Their customer service is exceptional! I own the SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer. This light weight trimmer has a 12″ cut length and a self-leveling swing-out arm extending to 15″. When you tuck the swing-out arm in, you’ll get a 6 1/4″ x 12″ base to work with. It doesn’t take much storing space, it is light weight and it cuts perfectly! You do need to change the blade cartridge occasionally though.

5. Paper punches
A helpful tool to add a little character to your project. Paper punches come in different styles, shapes and designs. And I simply cannot get enough of these.

See you in part 2!

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