Monthly Archives: May 2013

My Crafts Essentials, Part 2 – Adhesives

I’ve shared my cutting tools essentials in part 1, and it’s time to talk about the adhesive. A glue is a glue, right? WRONG! There are types of glue for specific media. I am not an expert on this but if you need more information, Maria Nerius wrote an elaborate article about it on […]

My Crafts Essentials, Part 1 – Cutting Tools

It is very easy to clutter my drawer with all the cool crafting tools that are available on the market. So I am writing a blog series about the things (or what I think are essentials) I cannot do without and why, starting with cutting tools. And here is the list: 1. Pairs of scissors […]

Hi! My name is Linda and I am a craft addict.

Since I posted my first blog about cards here, I have fallen deeper in love with paper crafting. I was never really serious about it until 7 months ago when I started making my own Christmas cards. And I have to say, paper crafting is very addictive! So for you readers out there, be prepared […]

Hello world!

Hello world indeed! Welcome to the new Kirana Arts and Crafts blog. This blog is a collection of stories about my life and interests, through which I hope family and friends will get to know me better as I venture on. Sit tight and enjoy the journey!